Remote Collaboration - 3 easy team bonding activities

Remote Collaboration – 3 easy team bonding activities

Corona driven remote collaboration needs team bonding activities. Here are three simple Coaching tips:

 #coffee break 

When you finished sorting your cable mess, or online pics, don’t forget the importance of small talk. Get everybody in your team involved having a coffee break together and having the chance to make small talk to others than the family members. It is helpful not only for the relationship you’re your team members but for your family members too.

 #ugly minute

From a coaching point of view, it is very important to speak out of what you’re a struggling with. So start your online meeting with an #uglyminute to speak out about your daily challenges in ‚having‘ a 24/7 ’stay-at-home‘ experience. It will help the team to get in a good mood for the day and to start the meeting being focused.

#the desk photo challenge

It is very common to take a snap of your meals from above. So, let’s transfer the idea to your home office environment. You arrange everything on a desk or flat surface and snap a photo from above. It is not only a challenge, but it helps to inspire you to organise your work environment. I organise my desk very simply – my friends would say the most important thing on my table is my hand cream – I get angry without it, have a look:


Stay healthy, stay tuned, #connectioniskey,  Dr. Anneliese Breitner, AnneBreitner GmbH